Michael Graves: Warm Winter Light, 12" x 16"
Michael Graves: Marshes, Late Winter, 16" x 20"
Award-winning plein air artist, Michael Graves is a member of the Rockport Art Association, the North Shore Art Association, and Academic Artists. Awards include the RAA, the Salmagundi Club and the National Parks Academy of the Arts. Graves was a close friend and painting companion to artist Bernard Corey for many years.
Michael Graves, Flowers by the Water, 12" x 16"
Michael Graves, Lilypads 6" x 8"
Vermont Autumn 12" x 16
Michael Graves
Michael Graves, Distant Hills, 10" 14"
Michael Graves, Pearson's Farm, 6" x 8"
Michael Graves, Summer Fields, 10" x 14"