New Hampshire, Pine Lake Above Conway
oil on paper, 8" x 11"signed on reverse

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Russell Smith came to Pennsylvania with his family in 1819 and grew up in Pittsburgh. A self-taught artist, by the age of fifteen he was active in the theater as an actor and a scenery painter. By 1831 he was serving as caretaker for the Lambdin Museum and studied with the museum's founder, portrait painter James Lambdin, who had studied with Thomas Sully. Smith moved to Philadelphia where his work in theater design gained him commissions throughout the northeast. Inspired by his Hudson River school contemporaries, Smith made sketching tours throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic. During the 1850's he travelled with his family and painted in Europe, England and Scotland. Russell Smith began to exhibit at the Pennsylvania Academy in 1834 and annually from 1847 - 1869. He also exhibited at the National Academy and the Boston Athenaeum. His wife Mary Priscilla Wilson Smith, and children Mary Russell Smith and Xanthus Russell Smith were all acomplished artists.
Russell Smith (1812 - 1896)